Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Blessings

We made it through another week! We had a long day in Portland yesterday 
but we got my son's car back home. 
I'm feeling blessed in many ways. The car getting stolen is a real pain in the rear, but nobody was hurt, our health is good and my son is still safe traveling the world for 14 months now. (he is in Hong Kong at the moment)

I've been receiving a lovely gift in the mail every month for several months now. Roxanne is going through some similar things with her mom that I went through so we have a common bond in supporting one another. 

 I found this cute little tin in my sewing room that is perfect!
For these wee blocks she has been hand piecing. 

 They will finish at 3"!
 Aren't they precious? Thank you Roxanne! I think of you and your mum often. I've actually been missing my mom lately. I think it is that she loved spring and to see the trees and flowers starting to bloom and this is her her first spring not here for us to enjoy it together. 

My son sent home a package when he was in Hawaii recently. 
Last fall when I saw this photo they posted from Vietnam I told them a little piece of fabric wouldn't take much space. They are traveling with backpacks, not suitcases, so every inch of space counts. 
  They were lightening their load and sent me this lovely piece of fabric made it Thailand, designed by 
Jim Thompson. The photo above is a paper envelope that the fabric was inside of. It is so pretty! 
 The elephants panel is linen  in indigo and looks like sashiko type stitching. I love it!
And here's my Instagram feed for this week.

Have a fantastic and thankful weekend!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wonder Clips

As quilters I know we've seen the wonder clips. I think Clover was the first and they were a big hit to hold binding as you hand sewed. They were very expensive when they first came out! I'm always the last one to the rodeo.......
I was recently asked to do a review on THESE clips. 

  They are very similar to all the other clips on the market, but these come in a cute little bag. 
 They take the place nicely of pins to hold fabric in place while sewing. 
These are just as strong and sturdy as the more expensive clips. (In my opinion)
 I was making 49 flying geese- the clips were convenient to hold the parts together in geese of 10. 
 I still need to get the rest of the flying geese trimmed up. 
They come in a bag of 50 for less then $11.00. I'd say that is a bargain!
If you need some click HERE

It has been a cray few weeks. But there is light at the end of the tunnel:

We have hired a new employee who will be starting in 2 weeks and my son's car that was stolen has been recovered. Hopefully it will drive. I'm heading into Portland to pick it up this week. 

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Fall Festival Quilt Month 4

Here we are! Month 4 of the Fall Festival Quilt. I know many of you are starting to feel the fast pace- 
just think, we are closing in on a finish for this quilt! You can do it!!
The linky will be open for a week, so hopefully you can catch up if you are behind.

Here's my house and dog. 

And all 49 of my flying geese. I still need to do some trimming. I'll probably start 
attaching them too as shown in the quilt. 
Here is Denise's house. She finished her geese last month. 

Anne was having computer problems so I'm showing her lovely wool block here today.  Love it!

I'm looking forward to seeing more houses!

Alright, the next assignment, if you choose to accept it (name that movie!)
is the pumpkin and long vine.

 Here is Cathy's block that she has graciously shared with us for an example. 
 I really think we can do this in 2 weeks. Let's meet back here with our completed block on May 1st. 

Have a wonderful week! If you want to see a little what I've been doing when I'm not sewing look HERE.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Little Quilt Swap in High Gear!

 My dear friend Laurie made me a little quilt out of antique blocks! She didn't draw my name for the swap, but she gave it to me anyway. (I've seen the one she made for the swap and it is a cutie!)
 Elsa was moving in to see what I was doing.  Isn't it just wonderful?!

My favorite trick to use on current quilts.

I don't think Laurie used any batting and I love how it drapes and feels authentically antique!

She made this great label but didn't add her name, which I plan on adding.

I'm seeing so many fantastic little quilts on the Humble Quilts Facebook page. If you aren't in the group, please come and join us! I will be having a linky party on the blog in 
May so all the quilts can be seen in one place.

Here's my Instagram for the week.

Thank you to those who are sending your quilts for the exhibit. Its going to be fantastic!

Monday we are sharing the house block and flying geese on our Fall Festival quilt. I guess I better get some sewing on my list for this weekend!!

Love to you all!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Medallion Quilt Exhibit

As far as I know I have only one more medallion coming to me. It would be wonderful to have a couple more. I know a few have had to bow out, but originally there was quite a few that said they would like to have their quilt displayed at Quiltworks First Friday and monthly exhibit. 
I have the quilts out of the boxes spread out on the guest bed. 
Wow! They are all amazing and always so much better in person!

Right now I have 6 quilts and one more is on the way from Juliann.  Would anybody else like to commit their Gwennie inspired Medallion quilt to this exhibit in Bend, Oregon? Now would be a great time to write up a quilt description and get your quilt in the mail to me.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Beauville Textiles

In the fall of 2015 I was able to see these amazing and beautiful antique textiles by 
Beauville  on display in Alsace. 

 They were selling scrap bags and I really didn't think I had room for them. Mary Kovall said I must! So I did!
This backing is from that bag of Beauville scraps. Such a fun memory when I look through these fabrics.

Quilts and fabric are so much more than a "blanket" for warmth. Each piece of fabric is associated with a person, place or memory that makes it special.

Have a lovely week, dear friends.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Year of the Rooster Challenge- 2017

"Stand Tall Chicken" 
Why do Roosters get all the glory? LOL 
This is one challenge quilt I actually like a lot. I was inspired by folk artist Karla Gerard. 
 I used this pretty fabric I got in France for the backing. 
Here is my "rooster" taking shape. 

I am looking forward to seeing the other challenge quilts! 
Link up HERE:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

ABC Sampler

 Here we are again. I'll have to take a slower pace since we are now shorthanded at work. Between hand quilting and hand applique it is causing some pain in my hand, so I may resort to machine applique on more than I planned.

My next job on this quilt is to make this all fit together. The bird and the apple tree are not appliqued yet either. I haven't decided what to do with the faces on the letter U for Us. 
My shirt and pants didn't meet......

And that is why he has a belt of sorts. LOL I made the 2 square in a square and it was way too big. 

Then I made 2 more that I thought would fit, but they were too big too!

So, I took a clue from one of the other quilts and changed the block completely 
and cut it off to fit. Problem solved!
This was a fun block to do. Tin man. (what I always feel like in yoga class!)

Here it is waiting for some sewing room finagling. 

Check out Karen's blog to see her great blocks!

Look how great this block looks! I didn't have to make it but was only asked to sign it. 

Thanks Ann for the bonus! These will fit wonderfully in my ABC sampler!

Friday we will have the reveal and  linky party for our "Year of the Rooster" challenge!!



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